“Where there is a system it can be made into a game and games enable people to learn complex skills in an engaging, thought provoking and entertaining way” (Marsh, 2012)

Laurus creates effective, engaging and interactive training games using serious games techniques and technology. Laurus games can be used on any platform PC and handheld device. They are designed to be entertaining and challenging as well as accessible and easy to use.

Laurus currently has four proof of concept games that provide training in core areas of competence for provisional (training) and registered psychologists. In the tertiary educational sector, post graduate psychology students undertaking a professional degree encounter a steep learning curve when transitioning from theoretical knowledge to professional practice. The beginning student stage of development is fraught with anxiety and high stress levels with implications for both student and client wellbeing. Successful navigation of this phase is critical to psychology graduate competence and employability. Traditional methods for teaching these skills are limited by time and logistical factors. A proof of concept game has been developed to enhance practice competence by providing improved teaching, learning, assessment and feedback mechanisms through a stimulating and fun educational experience. Students are entertained while learning in a manner which fosters the transfer of knowledge and skills to real world scenarios.