Improving Health Training Through Gaming



17 December 2015

World-leading creative media institute, SAE, is spearheading new initiatives to improve health practitioner training through gaming.

Students and staff from SAE’s Brisbane campus have teamed up with University of Queensland (UQ) researchers to create serious games that help psychologists transition from the classroom to consulting room.

‘Serious games’ is a new module initiated by SAE to teach students the art and science of creating games that teach, train and inform audiences.

SAE senior games lecturer and technology innovator, Dr Ralf Muhlberger, said a key focus of this year’s module was to get students thinking about ways to improve health and wellbeing through gaming.

Enter UQ’s Master of Applied Psychology (MAP) program, which is now working with SAE serious games students to develop new ways to help psychology students by creating virtual mental health environments and clients.

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