Status Update May 2016

Current status

All four games are currently being trialled with provisional (trainee) psychologists at The University of Queensland. Results from this trial are due to be presented at the International Congress of Psychology (ICP 2016) in Yokohama, Japan in July 2016. Initial feedback from user testing sessions demonstrates that the proof of concept shows promise and has the potential to be a valuable learning tool.

Laurus plans to further develop the concept in 2016; expanding the current patient modules to include the remaining core competencies for psychological practice; including psychological assessment and measurement and intervention strategies. All of the training modules will be further developed to include presenting difficulties across gender, lifespan, cross cultural and practice contexts.

Future development

The structure of the Laurus games means that the content can be efficiently adapted to assist practitioners, personnel and others to deal with a variety of psychological and social issues which are identified as priorities. Laurus games focuses on providing an engaging and accessible way for people to receive training in awareness, identification of symptoms and appropriate intervention. Early diagnosis and intervention has a positive impact on reducing absenteeism and negative impact on the individual and those around them. This translates to reduced associated costs for organisations and the state.

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