About Us

The idea for Laurus was conceived by Gillian McGregor through her research and work training provisional psychologists at the University of Queensland. The idea has been brought to life together with Dr Ralf Muhlberger and a multidisciplinary team at SAE Creative Media Institute in Brisbane. Meet the team below.

Gillian McGregor

Gillian McGregor is a registered Psychologist in private practice, and part of the team working in the Master of Psychology Program at the University of Queensland.  Gillian originally trained and practiced in South Africa, before relocating to Australia.  Gillian has a particular interest in the developmental journey of psychologists and in finding ways to contribute meaningfully to the development of tomorrow’s professionals.

Dr Ralf Mühlberger

Dr Ralf Mühlberger is a technology innovator, consultant, leader and educator, with 20+ years experience in technology design and interventions. He has worked in and consulted to a variety of industries including information technology, bioinformatics, defence, government and public service, legal services, publishing, finance and the resource industry. Ralf has worked with organisations ranging from multinationals to small and medium enterprises, and state and federal government agencies, and has had a number of board director roles.

Anthony Hope

Anthony Hope is a games designer with a passion for world building and an even stronger passion for the development of real serious games. With the completion Anthony’s studies in games coming to an end, the future opportunities for development of interactive immersive experiences is one feat that Anthony can not wait for.

Benjamin Lovegrove

Benjamin Lovegrove is a passionate game designer and developer who is particularly driven to create simple yet  meaningful experiences. Having found that these skills translate exceedingly well to serious games he has found an interest in games as a training tool. Ben hopes to spend his time working with small teams on exciting and unique projects.