How Do You Feel

How Do You Feel is a game that supports health professionals to identify and successfully resolve ethical dilemmas which arise in practice and in line with national ethical guidelines and relevant legislation. The game uses set protocols to navigate a conversation with a patient which involves a potential ethical dilemma. The ability to identify and respond appropriately to an ethical issue in mental health work is a foundational competency for health workers.

The game has a variety of new patients with various ethical dilemmas for players to choose from. The ethical dilemma is based on information supplied by the Australian Psychological Society and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) policies and guidelines and Australian clinicians. The game has been developed in partnership with The University of Queensland. The game is interactive and the player’s task is to navigate the interview and choose question options which will build rapport and empathy with the patient in order to successfully resolve an ethical dilemma which arises during the session. Feedback is provided to the player during the session with relevant patient responses. The game ends when the player has navigated though the interview. The player then undertakes a brief interactive quiz designed to build knowledge about related ethical decision making, relevant legislation and potential consequences. The player is provided with feedback at the end of the session as to what they have done well and what they have missed and which decisions were incorrect and potentially dangerous.